Donut Peaches, the Cute, Flat Peach!

Donut Peaches, the Cute, Flat Peach!

Donut peaches are absolutely delicious with the cutest snackable size.

As of 2024 we grow 3 varieties: Saturn (white fleshed), Galaxy (white fleshed) and BeunO's (yellow fleshed). Their size, shape and easily removed pit make them easy to enjoy. 

The Saturn variety was actually developed through the Rutger's Experiment Station in the 80's. BeunO's were also developed at Rutgers and are actually pollen sterile so need at least one other peach variety for pollination. Galaxy is the biggest donut peach we grow and our most popular. 

It's funny, when we first started taking them to the farmer's markets we'd usually bring most of them home and have to throw them out. No one was buying these weirdly shaped peaches. Slowly we convinced folks to give them a try, promising they wouldn't regret it and then they just took off. They're ready in July and worth the trip to give them a try!

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