Farm Visit Tips

Farm Visit Tips

Planning to visit? 

We can't wait to see you! 

Here's some tips. 

Our System: 

With us you only pay for what you pick. There is no entry fee and no hayride for our U-Pick fields. Also no reservations. Just show up! You walk up to the orchard to pick as much or as little as you'd like.

We offer U-Pick peaches, nectarines, donut peaches, apples and flowers.

Pawpaws are only U-Pick during PawPaws walks. 

We are open from 10-6 Thursday and Friday and 10-4 Saturday and Sunday. We are closed to the public Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

We take cash or credit card (new this year!). 

What to Bring:

1. A water bottle, especially during the hot months of July and August. We do have mini water bottles that are complimentary, but we highly recommend bringing water with you too! 

2. Comfy shoes, preferably closed toe.

3. Your own bag, basket or box if you'd like. We do have U-Pick bags.  

Picking the Best Fruit: 

For the best fruit please only pick in rows that are labeled "Pick in this Row." Picking in rows that are not labeled just means you're picking stuff that isn't ready and is either going to not taste great or take forever to ripen. No fun! 

Peaches will ripen off the tree but you want to pick fruit that is more yellow/orange than lime green. 

Apples will not ripen off the tree so picking in rows that are labeled is key! 

PawPaw picking is guided so we'll make sure you pick the right ones! 

You want to pick flowers that have a stiff stem at the top near the flower. This is how you know it's ready. Flowers without a stiff stem near the flower need some more time on the plant. Put flowers in fresh cool water when you get home. 

Hope you have a great visit! 

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