Red Fleshed Apples

Red Fleshed Apples

Back in 2012 Rose was scrolling instagram looking for unique and interesting things to grow and happened upon red fleshed apples. Pink Pearl red fleshed apples actually. Pink Pearl is probably the most common red fleshed variety grown but after some research we decided to go with Mountain Rose and Scarlet Surprise instead. 

Mountain Rose is awesome! Tart, crisp and ready in October. Scarlet Surprise on the other hand is ready in August, are tiny, and not very tasty. You live and ya learn! 

There is a collection of red fleshed apples out there but why are they red on the inside? It's caused by the group of water-soluble pigments, anthocyanins.

Usually the more red on the pigment the more sour the apples are. 

We put in a few new red fleshed varieties in 2023 and will be putting in more in 2025.

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