U-Pick Cut Flower Tips

U-Pick Cut Flower Tips

U-Pick Cut Flower fans here are some tips for picking success...

Which Stems To Pick: 

On flowers that are ready to be picked the stem closes to the flower will be stiff. If you have a flower stem that has a wobbly neck it's not ready yet. 

Don't be afraid to pick long stems. Flowers like zinnias are "cut and come again" so the more you cut them the more flowers they produce. 

Best Practices:

We give you a cup with water to keep the stems hydrated while you pick. You want to remove all foliage/leaves that are going to be below the water line of the cup and then whatever vase you're putting them in at home.

When You Get Home:

Put the flowers in cool fresh water and give them some time to perk up. Picking flowers in the heat stresses them out but they should bounce back well once they're home. Things like Rudbeckia and Salvia get heavily stressed by picking them in the heat.

Remove any leaves below the waterline. Changing the water often will prolong the life of the flowers. Some types live longer than others. Celosia (cock's comb) and marigolds can last for 2 weeks in a vase where as zinnias or cosmos will give you 4-7 days. 


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