What is a PawPaw?

What is a PawPaw?

PawPaw who? 

I bet they're the fruit you never knew! 

Asimina triloba as they are officially known are our nation's largest native fruit. They grow in the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest United States. They have lots of nicknames like a custard apples, poor man's banana and Indiana banana to name a few. 

Pawpaws are a favorite of the zebra swallowtail butterfly and they rarely will lay their eggs anywhere else. 

Instead of bees, pawpaw flowers, which dark burgundy, are pollinated mostly by flies. 

They have bright yellow flesh with large brown seeds that can be easily removed. 

You eat them by breaking or cutting them open and then scooping out the soft custard-like insides with a spoon. Don't eat the skin or the seeds. 

ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE: Dehydrating PawPaw flesh will make you sick. Do not dehydrate or make into fruit leather. We highly recommend eating them fresh or freezing the pulp. Eating PawPaws in excess (as with a lot of things) can make you sick. Moderation is key, especially when trying new things if you've never had them before. 

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